The First International Conference on Postmodern Programming

Computers on the scrapheap

Ivan Moore and I will be running our Scrapheap Challenge workshop at PoMoPro, the The First International Conference on Postmodern Programming.

When we describe Scrapheap Challenge as a "workshop", we really do mean "work". But enjoyable work. It's for software development practitioners, not for the post-technical. This workshop involves programming, writing fun, non-trivial applications that integrate existing software components and then reflecting on what helped and/or hindered the task. Last time we ran it I learned a lot of useful design techniques and approaches that I've since applied successfully on my own projects. I expect to learn more this time round.

PoMoPro will be held in London on the Saturday 25th November, the weekend before this year's London XP Day conference, so you can catch both conferences in one long weekend. Places are limited at PoMoPro, so book now to avoid disappointment!

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