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For the last eight years or so, London's famous Extreme Tuesday Club (XTC) has been meeting every Tueday to share ideas about XP, "agile" software development, test-driven development and otherwise waffle philosophise about software development over fine ale and microwaved, puff-pastry pies (being in the UK, the beer is much better than the food).

The last few years, we have met in the Old Bank of England pub on the Strand. From now on we'll be in the Counting House pub on Cornhill, near Bank tube station.

Lots of great ideas and collaborations have spun out of the XTC, among them the XP Day family of grass-roots conferences, the mock objects technique and the jMock library for test-driven development of object-oriented code, the First International Conference on Postmodern Programming, the Jester mutation testing tool, the Extreme Lego workshop and other training games, and lots more.

An interesting aspect of XTC is that it is completely anarchic. There is no central organising committee. There is no formal membership. What happens is entirely up to whoever turns up and gets involved. This year we will be spending some of the income from XP Day on regularly hosting more formal presentations and rerunning the most popular sessions from XP Day to make them available to a wider audience. But for the rest of the time, the informal get-together style will prevail.

So, if you're interested in the future direction of software development techniques and practices, do please come along the Counting House and join in. The beer is the same but the pies are better, I've been told.

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