Submissions Wanted: XP Day 2008 and SPA 2009

Two of my favourite conferences are looking for submissions.

XP Day is looking for experience reports, tutorials and structured workshops to run in a track alongside the more freeform lightning talks and open space that will make up the rest of the conference. This year the focus of the conference will advancing the state of the art, rather than introducing Agile or Scrum or XP or TDD.
SPA 2009 is looking for session proposals which are interactive and leading edge, possibly even experimental. They can be about technology or teams, practice or process - in fact anything to do with improving software development.

I think both conferences are excellent places for first-time presenters to run a session. New presenters will get a lot of help from experienced presenters as they go through the shepherding process. And this year, SPA is offering a free place to the best proposal from a new presenter.

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